Ma te rongo, ka mohio

Ma to mohio, ka marama

Ma te marama, ka matau

Ma te matau, ka ora

From listening comes knowledge. From knowledge comes understanding.
From understanding comes wisdom. From wisdom comes well being.

Where mediation can help

Conflict is inevitable as we live and work together in the various situations that life presents and where we often need to have difficult conversations.

Our mediators assist our clients to have these conversations in a structured and safe process. We support those involved to gain a better understanding of each other's perspectives and find a way forward.

We offer a flexible and consensus-based approach to dispute resolution. We do this by working with parties to design a process that fits their needs and enables them to find ways to resolve conflict.

Our goals are to reach mutual agreements, restore relationships and move forward. These can seem like big mountains in some cases but believe us it can be done!

We provide specialised, accredited mediation for all sorts of disputes

Our mediation packages are tailored per enquiry

Mediation is a charge-by-hourly rate service. Some mediations take longer than others. It is best to get an indication of your needs so we can tailor a package together to suit.

Kelly Sutton

As an experienced lawyer and accredited mediator, Kelly Sutton offers a personal and supportive approach to mediation.

Her background as a business owner, director, board member and divorce and conflict coach assists her to understand how disputes need to be resolved quickly and in a cost-efficient way so people can move forward.

“Rarely is anyone happy at the end of a court case. Mediation offers a chance for parties to try and work together in a safe environment to understand each other’s perspectives and find their own solutions.”

Mediation Frequently Asked Questions