He moana pukepuke

e ekengia e te waka

Choppy waters can be navigated


Divorce Coaching & Mediation Services in New Zealand

Are you dealing with a conflict, divorce or preparing for mediation? Our mediation and coaching experts give you the reassurance, support and guidance you need to move forward with your life in a positive and healthy manner.

The process of change is challenging and can be overwhelming, confusing and pretty scary. SOS Success will help you navigate these challenges and get you to the other side.

Divorce coaching

Our experienced coaches work with you in a non-judgemental partnership to identify and attain your goals, overcome obstacles in your separation to enable you to make the best possible decisions for your future. We provide emotional support and focus on a forward-thinking goal orientated step by step process centred around your needs.

We promote child-centred separation and will help you sort parenting and budgeting plans, and property settlements. And we’ve been there before, and helped many clients navigate divorce so can help you avoid the common pitfalls.

Pre mediation coaching

SOS Success helps you prepare, plan for, and confidently navigate and engage in the mediation process through individualised support and skill building.

We are also a licensed provider of the High Conflict Institute New Ways for Families® parenting without conflict online coaching program.

Mediation services

Our mediators assist clients to have difficult conversations in a structured safe process, supporting both parties to gain a better understanding of each other's perspectives and find a way forward.

SOS Success offers a flexible and consensus-based approach to dispute resolution. We help clients design a process to fit their needs and find ways to resolve conflict by reaching mutual agreements, restoring relationships and enabling those involved to move forward and look to the future positively.

In the words of our clients

"Kelly led me through my worst nightmare with compassion, courage, confidence and at times, some much needed humour. Her business and legal experience gave me confidence to have her facilitate a successful separation agreement that meet our family and business needs to move forward amicably."


Kelly Sutton

An experienced lawyer, accredited mediator and certified divorce coach Kelly specialises in pre mediation divorce coaching preparing clients to confidently navigate mediation through individualised support and skill building. Kelly can help you achieve an amicable divorce, while saving you significant cost and time and preserving those relationships important to you.

Kelly also offers a personal and supportive approach to mediation and is expert at helping clients resolve disputes in a timely and cost-efficient way.

“Whilst I have undertaken extensive training, I bring to my mediation and coaching a very human, empathetic, and pragmatic approach to help clients move forward successfully.”