Ko Nga pae tawhiti,Whaia kia tata.

Ko Nga pae tata, Whakamaua kia tina.

The potential for tomorrow depends on what we do today.

The benefits of a divorce coach

Personal Divorce Coaching is an individualised collaborative process for those who are contemplating divorce and are unsure what to do, as well as for those who are currently caught in the throes of a divorce.

SOS Success will help you navigate your divorce and manage the stress, fear, loneliness and conflict you may be feeling.

We offer emotional support, as well as the information you need, so you avoid the common pitfalls and make the best possible decisions now for your future.

And we help you prepare for working with other divorce professionals so in the long run you save time and money.

Through supportive guidance & personal coaching, SOS Success can help you with:

Kelly Sutton

An experienced lawyer and qualified divorce coach, Kelly offers a personal, unbiased and supportive approach to coaching you through the challenges of the divorce process.

Kelly leads you through the steps for making the big decisions and setting goals for your future goals while saving you significant cost and time.

“I’m here to reduce your stress, fear and sense of overwhelm so you can create your new post-divorce life.”

Divorce Coaching Frequently Asked Questions